Caroline Ward


My life, much like yours, is in a constant state of transformation to become the woman that God truly wants me to be! I want to share with you part of my transformational story up to this point – as every day is, and will always be, a journey as to how I find my true balance.

After graduating University of Georgia, I practiced accounting as a CPA for 5 years. During that time, I married the most amazing husband who also has a deep passion for health and wellness and we were blessed with 2 precious children, a girl and a boy, 17 months apart! It was while I was holding these two babies in my arms that God sent me a wake up call.

Having 2 babies within such a short period of time, caused me to completely neglect my body and spirit and I fell into a depression. At the time I had no idea what was happening. Tears flowed, anxiety heightened, and many questions surfaced. What am I doing with my life? I prayed for help but heard nothing. Another year passed and I had my third child, Lyla – a miracle. Months after she arrived, I developed another illness, which really took a toll on me physically and mentally.

The questions continued to point me closer to God and I asked, and prayed – Lord, WHAT is my PURPOSE? Finally, in a way I can never explain, He spoke to me, “Do what you love to do!” and “glorify Me through what you love! Love me and love others.” So from then on, I let my passion of exercise, nutrition, and encouraging others flow freely from my soul. I decided to pursue a personal training and nutrition certification and felt that through working directly with people, I could serve Him by developing relationships and encouraging women of all types. I want to help people realize that to change your body, you must transform your entire being – body, mind, and spirit!

True life transformation begins by acknowledging your need for His love and accepting His plan for a whole body healthy lifestyle. It brings me such joy every day to hear success stories from my clients and friends.  I have realized that by getting to really KNOW people and HELP people, I am truly blessed and I am finding my life’s true purpose



December 7, 1977


University of Georgia


Bachelor Degree: Accounting; CPA
Master Degree: Public Administration

Favorite Sport:

Gymnastics, Running, anything active!

Favorite Book:

The Bible & Born to Run

Favorite Food: 

Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Exercise: 

The Plank & The Lunge


2 time NCAA Gymnastics National Championship Team 1998, 1999; University of Georgia Collegiate Gymnast 1996-2000                  

2014 Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher; Mother of three beautiful children.

Official Yoga Instructor for the University of Georgia sports teams


American Sports & Fitness Association, Blue Cross Blue Shield CPR, Member of American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Healthy Running Coach: Healthy Running & Newton Running Company


Katie Woodall

Director of Nutrition

Personal Trainer

Nutrition Consultant
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

TransFit became a part of my life as soon as Caroline opened her doors! When I first approached her, I was in my late 20s and had two children at the time and zero energy to take care of them or my husband. I told Caroline I wanted to learn how to eat better and add exercise to my everyday routine. In just six short weeks, I could see muscles forming on my body, and I had more energy. I remind Caroline often that she changed my life and her daily inspiration challenges me to continue to be my best.

Exercise and nutrition have become passions of mine. I’ve learned that my fitness goals are a lot easier to reach when paired with good nutrition. I have known for awhile that God wanted to use me in a way to encourage other women — what better way than nutrition — to teach women how we can honor God by fueling our bodies with wholesome foods! This way, we can be better wives, mothers, friends, employees and so on!

My husband, Justin, and I have three kids — Kara, Lane and Cami. I enjoy running on days when I’m not strength training with Caroline. I am excited to help clients with Nutrition Consulting to reach their whole body health goals! 



Lisa Patton

Director of Running

Like many of you, I am a busy wife and mother with a desire to remain healthy spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  For me, strength training, running, and accountability play vital roles in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

I grew up competing on the high school and college level in basketball, track, and cross country. After graduating, I coached varsity basketball and cross-country. I also led group fitness classes in Augusta, GA.  I love encouraging others to reach their fitness goals.  After our move to Atlanta, I devoted my time to my growing family of 4 children and began homeschooling.  During this time I also grew my knowledge as a runner.  I began racing and running with several groups in Atlanta.   

 Soon after our move to Athens, I began working one on one with other women helping them meet their running and fitness goals.  I earned my level 1 Healthy Running Coach Certificate as well as completingmy Personal Trainer Certification. I currently write personalized training plans and encourage others to meet their running and fitness goals. I also work one on one and in group settings at TransFit Athens discussing running fundamentals and specific strength training for healthy and successful running.  


Katie Lord

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

My name is Katie Lord and I am excited to be a part of the TransFit team! Caroline and the TransFit team have been such inspiration to me in my journey to living transformed! They daily challenge me to take care of the body God has given me and work to achieve my fitness goals! I am thrilled to be able to work at TransFit to help women transform their body, mind, and spirit! 

Growing up, I would have considered myself to be fairly healthy and active. I was a swimmer and enjoyed competing on my high school swim team. After high school, I attended North Georgia College in Dahlonega where I received my Bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. While in college, I did not live a healthy life style. I found that I really had little knowledge of healthy nutrition and rarely exercised. I was very unhappy with my body and had low self-confidence. After undergraduate school, I attended The University of Georgia and got a Master's Degree in Education. When I was in graduate school, I decided that I needed to make a change and begin a journey to become healthy! I found a passion for running and strength training, and I began making healthier food choices. After graduate school, I was a public school teacher for 5 years. I enjoyed teaching, but felt that God was encouraging me to move in a different direction. God began to show me that my passion is fitness and helping others learn to live a healthy lifestyle and gain confidence in the body God gave them! With the support of family and my sweet husband, I chose to leave teaching to pursue my passion for fitness!  

I am an ACSM certified Personal Trainer and an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor. I look forward to helping clients reach their whole body fitness goals through personal training. 



Laura Graben

Personal Trainer

I am from Rome, Georgia and made the move to Athens to receive my bachelors in Human Development and Family Science and my Masters in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Full time, I work at ESP, but throughout my whole life, fitness and health have remained my biggest passion and hobby! I am certified in group fitness training, barre, and soon to be, Pilates! I look forward to learning, leading, and growing with each of at TransFit!


Hope Cook

Yoga Instructor

I'm Hope Cook, a mom who discovered yoga in the midst of trying to re-discover who I was after having two kids. During my first yoga class, the teacher asked us to "drop within", to reconnect with our Maker and who we were made to be. It felt like an old, familiar friend I hadn't seen in a long time. It's remarkably easy to get wrapped up in my roles as wife, mom, PA, mission committee member, PTA member, etc. and to forget who I am down deep inside. Through getting quiet and shutting out all the chatter of my thoughts for one hour on a rubber rectangle, I was able to feel more like myself than I had in years. I was hooked. With each yoga class, I watched myself transform from whatever state of mind I'd been in before class to a more centered, more authentic version of me. I wanted to help others feel the same way I felt during and after yoga. I told myself that I'd pursue yoga teacher training when I retired one day. Then, I had an epiphany. Why wait until "one day" to do the things we're called to do? I had significant doubts about how I'd manage to work full-time, mother two kids, and support a husband who'd just started his Ph.D. while he also worked full-time. Through a series of serendipitous events (aka answered prayers), all the details worked themselves out, and I found myself sitting in yoga teacher training. I knew I was in the right place.

When someone asked me to teach yoga at church, I found myself agreeing despite having a history hive-inducing performance anxiety. I have come to cherish the time I spend with the people in my class. I can't wait to share yoga with my friends at Transfit. The flow and cadence of the breath and movements of yoga pair well with poetry and scripture. The word "yoga" means to yoke with God. Being on the mat allows me to not only connect with myself, but to connect more deeply with God.

Eliza Harris

Personal Trainer

I am a recent graduate of the University of Alabama (I know... I love the Bulldogs too)  where I studied exercise and sports science with concentrations in fitness, nutrition, and coaching. While at UA, I spent 3 years assisting with the strength and conditioning programs of various sports. Most recently I worked with the dance and gymnastics teams. I also earned my certification as a strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA. 

      My love for exercise started at a young age. I was a competitive gymnast for 7 years and then ran track for 3 years in high school doing the triple jump, long jump, and hurdling. I knew that I wanted to pursue fitness and coaching as a full-time career, and the Lord has opened doors for me to make that a reality by working as a Personal Trainer at TransFit as well as a gymnastics coach. Exercise has made such a difference in my life, not only physically but in all areas and I hope to help bring that to anyone that I get to serve in personal training.  2 Timothy 1:7 reminds us, "For God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." That truth is near to my heart and I hope to share my love of whole body health with you!  

I would love to help any young gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders or female athletes of any kind get stronger for their specific sport. I have experience as a gymnast and a track athlete and have worked with athletes of various sports up to the college level. Whether high school, middle school or younger we can work to increase your sports performance or overall fitness through strength training and cardiovascular endurance training in a fun and safe way. Additionally, I would love to work with any college students to help you meet your fitness goals! 


Kaeti Shurling

Registered Dietitian

Kaeti Shurling MS, RD is the registered dietitian behind KaetiRD, a nutrition counseling practice. 

Kaeti graduated from the University of Georgia in 2013 with a degree in Dietetics and went on to obtain her Masters of Nutrition Science at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2015.  While working in the clinical nutrition field for almost 3 years, her entrepreneurial nature and enthusiasm for proper nutrition education did not fade.  After moving back to Athens in March of 2017 she decided she was ready to help a new population meet their nutrition goals.  Despite this being a part-time career, Kaeti's nutrition counseling techniques have led to her work with over 40 individuals over the past few years; many being long-term and returning clients.  She is known for making good nutrition simple and achievable for the long-term.  Kaeti is fully devoted to helping her clients and customers reach health & nutrition goals through small changes and accountability. Kaeti is married to her loving husband, Nick and a proud mama to Wynnie!

Roxanne Webb

Fashion Merchandising Director

My name is Roxanne Webb and I am so happy to be a part of the TransFit community! Caroline and I have been close friends for nine years and she continues to inspire me daily. Exercise has always been a passion of mine. The encouragement and motivation I get from the TransFit team keep me working toward my whole body health goals.

After graduating from UGA, I worked in retail management for eight years in Charlotte and Atlanta where I enjoyed the buying and merchandising aspects of the fashion industry. I have two children, Evan 13, and Arli 9 who keep me joyfully busy and grounded in my faith. I am thrilled to become the TransFit Merchandise Director inspiring women through clothing and gifts that they are strong, beautiful, confident, and worthy of love! 


Pam Adams

Director of Spiritual Development & Outreach

About 6 years ago I was at a transitional point in my life (about to be an empty nester) and desired to take better care of my physical health. I asked around for some recommendations for personal trainers and a friend suggested Transfit.  What I didn’t know going into the studio that first time, was the extent to which I would be blessed.  I gained a dear friend and sister in Christ, and I also gained a community of women on a quest for optimal health like me. 

I have been married to a wonderful man, Mark, since 1984. We met at the University of Georgia and married a couple of months after graduation. I taught school for the first five years of marriage, but soon life got busy with Mark’s career which included many moves around the country as well as an international move, and raising our three boys. During these years I invested most of my time in women’s ministries, serving on leadership teams, having some of the most amazing spiritual mentors. Some of these women had such a great effect on my life that they will always be part of my story. When we moved to Athens about 14 years ago, I began working in college ministry at the church we attend, mostly with college women. It’s been a great joy to serve these students.

I serve at TransFit as Director of Spiritual Development and Outreach, where I lead Bible studies, help clients who desire spiritual guidance and prayer, and lead outreach projects to give back, all while working alongside the leadership team to encourage and inspire the community to live transformed and glorify God in body, mind, and spirit.


Katie Cory

Operations Director and Personal Trainer

My name is Katie Cory and I am so excited to be a member of the TransFit team! I am a Management major at the University of Georgia. Fitness has always been a part of my life as I grew up playing competitive volleyball. My passion for faith and fitness have drastically changed me as a person within the past year and I knew I needed to act on those passions - TransFit being the perfect place to bring my passions together!

I have always struggled with figuring out what I want to do with my life, when one day I realized my focus should be “what does God want to do with my life?” It was during this realization that I first heard about TransFit and knew that this was God opening a door for me. When I first walked into the TransFit studio, I could just feel the presence of God and felt in my heart that this was where I was being called in this season of my life. I want to help empower women through their minds, bodies, and souls and TransFit is the perfect place for that. I fell in love with the mission and the women of TransFit and I know this is right where God wants me. I am so excited to see how God uses TransFit to help me grow in my faith and fitness, as well as helping other women achieve their faith and fitness goals!