What is a RIZE Box?

We are entering a great season for running! Getting fresh air, vitamin D, and exercise, what could be better than an energizing spring run? Last month I learned about this amazing new company started by a woman training for a half marathon. She found the she was struggling to find healthy food and products for her training, and that the search for ones that worked with her lifestyle was time-consuming and expensive. She's taking some of the guesswork out of picking out products for the rest of us with RIZE boxes. Each box contains a variety of products for the active woman. 

rize box

My RIZE Box came in this week and I was super excited to see everything inside. There were Hail Merry macaroons, Manitoba Harvest hemp hearts, a Bondi Bands headband, Teeccino herbal coffee, Action Wipes full-body wipes, Amazing Grass smoothie powder, a Bearded Brothers energy bar, Cocogo coconut hydration packets, KT Tape elastic sports tape, Eboost natural energy supplements, a Bloomin wildflower wish kit, and some RUNspiration nail polish. 


Overall, an almost overwhelming variety of products, but the products are all small, sample sizes. Some of my favorites were the macaroons, the hemp hearts, and the herbal coffee. 

If you're interested in buying your own RIZE Box, you can save 10% at checkout with the code RIZEFRIEND.  Enjoy  and go on a great run - TODAY!