Valerie Langley - Life Coach- can help you transform & find your life's purpose!

JOY! Yes, say it again - JOY! I smile when I say that word! It brings  me pure joy when friends and clients discover their true life passion and life purpose. Valerie Langley has been a client and dear friend at TransFit for 3 years and has recently found that helping others though life coaching is her  true life purpose! I am so proud of her for helping women by teaching them invaluable tools shift their thoughts to the positive, meditate and transform their lives into their dreams!

Also, this  Saturday 8/8/15 at 10am Valerie will be leading a powerful visualization meditation on Periscope for the Global Meditation Scope. You can follow her on Periscope @VLangley.  I would love for you to join me in listening to Valerie!!!

Please read Valerie's Transformation Story:


My name is Valerie Langley and I’m a mindfulness and meditation life coach and manifestation mentor. I feel like I have found this amazing secret to unlock the life I have always wanted and the best part about it is it’s available to anyone and everyone!  It is my passion to share this secret with the world and that includes you. I worked as a nurse for 15 years and loved my time nursing but felt like there was something more I needed to be doing. I just wasn’t sure what that was.... when I was pregnant with our third child and knew that after she was born I was done with nursing and I didn’t know what was coming next. I had recently developed a meditation practice that had truly changed my life. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was about meditating but I figured I had nothing to lose by doing it. What I found out was when I meditate I become an open vessel to hear God’s messages and guidance for me. I had started out with 3 minutes a day and in no time was meditating for 20 minutes. I found such a sense of peace and guidance through this practice. I later incorporated visualization and manifesting into my practice and WOW did things change. I quickly realized the magnitude of how our thoughts become things. I learned to shift my perspective from negative to positive and found myself having so much gratitude for all the amazing blessings in my life. Within a year of meditating I became pregnant with our fourth child which was always a dream for me to have four healthy children. We found and bought our dream house which we thought was out of reach. We sold our current home in 5 days and had an amazing cash offer above asking price which enabled us to buy our dream house. I quit my nursing job and started a coaching business which is thriving!  I know all of this is because of my connecting to God and living in my purpose which is to help others become connected to the love and guidance available to them.

So it is my mission to teach the world the secrets I’ve learned and to tap into the infinite resources that are available to all.

I feel it is a blessing and an honor to help women by teaching them the tools and processes I have discovered to transform their lives into their dreams. I would love to work with you!

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