Find your true STRENGTH in September!

Happy September! We can't believe September is already here! Now that we are back into the swing of things with the routine of school, work, and activities settling into place, it's time to focus in on your whole body health! We are talking in the TransFit studio this month about "growing strong in our weakness".  

Does your body need strengthening and toning?  Your nutrition need cleaning up?  Or possibly your attitude toward a certain situation needs lifting? 

WE ALL have weaknesses and the way we grow stronger is to have faith in those times of difficulty. Leaning on the One who loves you unconditionally rather than leaning on your own understanding is how you can grow strong in your weakness

Please take this verse to heart when you need encouragement:

One way you can increase your body strength and stamina is to set a new September goal and work daily towards achieving that goal. In the month of September we are going to reach for new goals and do a new monthly challenge! 

September Squat Challenge

While we want to use this challenge as a means to reach new personal goals and get stronger in body, mind, and spirit in the month of September, we are also going to include a squat challenge that we can do together as a community!

Not only is this a great way to strengthen your lower body, tighten and tone your glutes but clients who do the challenge will be entered in a raffle to receive a FREE SESSION! Each day you successfully complete the day's challenge, check the chart attached or take a picture of yourself doing an exercise and post to social media using the hashtag #tfsquatchallenge

Throughout the month, we will draw a names out of a raffle and the winner will receive one free session in the  TransFit Athens Studio!  If you need a mental reset for September or want to have a 1-1, thirty minute or hour session with one of our personal trainers or nutrition consultants please email us at or book the session on our new TransFit App

. We want to help you reach your goals! Remember accountability is the key to unlocking your success! 


Team TransFit