Does What you Think Help Transform your Body?

Happy Thursday! We have loved spending this October with you! Please let our Team encourage and uplift you as we go into the holiday months. Our theme this month has been optimism in October. It is easy to get down on ourselves and feel that we are not good enough in certain areas, or maybe all areas. But, we want to encourage you and tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are strong, beautiful, hard working, and dedicated and you are enough.

TransFit Trainer Demetria  "D" is sharing the importance of positive self talk! Take just a few minutes to reset and refocus your thoughts and enjoy her post on positive self talk! 

Do you ever hear that little voice in your head that either speaks confident positive thoughts continuously or maybe even negative thoughts? Although no one else hears that voice, it greatly impacts our lives on a day to day basis. That little voice is what is call self talk. Although you may not realize it, you are already practicing self-talk, without even actually vocalizing these thoughts. Self-talk has a HUGE impact on confidence and even motivation.  Developing better or positive self-talk takes hard work but is an essential piece to living healthy body, mind, and spirit. 

Benefits of positive self-talk:

  • Truly feeling better about yourself
  • Boosting your confidence
  • Building your self esteem
  • Reducing stress
  • Beginning to recognize the optimistic voice in your head
  • Feeling a sense of clarity

3 Ways to practice positive self talk.

1. Listen in - we don’t always consciously take note of that we’re saying in our minds. The first step in improving your self-talk is to actually notice what your inner voice is saying. Take some time each day to listen, and even write down, what you’re thinking.

2. Monitor- is your self-talk more positive or negative? Start questioning your self-talk asking things like:

·      Is there a more positive way of looking at this?

·      Am I keeping everything in perspective?

·      Can I do anything to change what I’m feeling bad about?

3. Adjust- changing your self-talk it easier said than done, but definitely worth working on. Try by countering your negative thoughts with positive ones by shifting your focus on I will, or I can thoughts. For example: Thinking things like:

·      I am capable.

·      I know who I am and I am enough.

·      I choose to be present in all that I do.

·      I choose to think thoughts that serve me well.

·      I choose to reach for a better feeling.

·      I share my happiness with those around me.

·      My body is my vehicle in life; I choose to fill it with goodness.

"For as she thinks within herself, so she is..." Proverbs 23:7

"For as she thinks within herself, so she is..." Proverbs 23:7

Continue to work hard this month ladies and focus on your self talk. It is so important to fill our minds with thoughts of things above. The October Challenge is coming to an end soon! Continue to push yourself to do some sort of exercise daily. One of your exercises could be to come to our new HIIT Cardio class at 5:30 AM on Thursday mornings! You can sign up on the app or MindBody! We would love for you to join us! If you have any questions, please email us at 


Team TransFit