November is HERE! Exciting things ahead!


Happy Tuesday sweet friends! I wanted to take some time to share with you all the exciting things we have going on here at TransFit Athens for the month of November!

This month we are really focusing in on

·        Being ready to make the most of every moment!

·        Getting ready for the holiday season ahead!

·        Getting motivated to reach new goals and live healthier this month!

All of a sudden, November is here and the holidays are right around the corner! Although we often associate the holidays with being surrounded by unhealthy foods and not being as diligent in our workouts, November is the best time of year to focus in on nutrition and cardiovascular exercise! In light of Thanksgiving we want to focus on being thankful for our bodies by respecting them and taking care of them. You can do this by using exercise and proper nutrition as a way to be thankful for the healthy body you have! Practicing these habits diligently through the holiday season will honor your body by treating it as the precious temple of the Holy Spirit that it is.

So friends, let’s get more motivated than we have all year in time for this holiday season. It is such a sweet time with friends and family, let us break free from the mindset that overeating and a lack of exercise must go along with this time of year! You can stick to your plan and reach your goals through the holidays and you are going to! At TransFit we believe in you and can’t wait to watch you excel!  

Another thing, don’t forget about the Holiday Extravaganza that will begin before we know it! To lead into this huge challenge, we have a few weekly challenges each week until we start the challenge itself on November 23rd. Here is a calendar that will outline the exercise challenges for each week!

In addition to the exercise challenges, we want to spend November focused on being grateful for the body we have and that we have the abilities to treat our bodies well. Let’s choose to make choices today and every day to treat our bodies with love and respect. Our bodies are temples, meaning they are dwelling places for the Holy Spirit. So, we want to focus on doing everything we can to preserve and nourish our bodies to allow them to do His work as best as we possibly can!

We can’t wait to strive towards these goals with you this month and can’t wait to watch you achieve all new things and begin living an even healthier lifestyle!!

Here is what our workout schedule at TransFit looks like in November! Please come join us if you are here in Athens! If you are not in Athens OR you've had to cancel/reschedule your class, never fear! We have an awesome new section to the website called TransformHere you can find workouts along with videos that you can do right from home! Some without any equipment at all so you can still get in a great workout no matter where you are or how busy life gets. 


·        Regular sessions

·        9:30 Transformer class

·        1:15 Power Yoga at 5 Points Yoga



·        Regular sessions

·        8:30 Transformer class

·        11:00 Power Yoga at 5 Points Yoga



·        Regular sessions

·        9:30 Transformer class



·        Regular sessions

·        9:30 Transformer class



·        Regular Sessions



We are praying for you friends, and so excited to see what this month holds! Let us start November off stronger than ever, ready to finish out this YEAR the healthiest and strongest we have ever been- mind, body and spirit. Let us offer up our bodies gratefully as a sacrifice, choosing to honor God with them in every way possible as the highest form of worship.


Finally, here is a recipe that would be perfect for this chilly, rainy fall season! Have a great week!






Cleansing Vegetable Soup

§             2 cans of organic stewed tomatoes

§             1 can of tomatoes pureed in blender

§             3 plus large green onions

§             1 large can/box of organic low sodium beef broth

§             4 cups of water

§             1 teaspoon dried basil (fresh is great too)

§             4 teaspoons fresh garlic, minced

§             1 teaspoon dried oregano

§             1 teaspoon kosher salt

§             1 bunch of celery

§             1 package of frozen green beans ( or 2 cups fresh green beans)

§             2 lbs. Carrots ( I love to add in TONS of carrots)

§             2 Green Peppers

§             2 TBSP Balsamic Vinegar

Cut veggies in small to medium pieces. Cover with water. Boil fast for 10 minutes. Reduce to simmer and continue to cook until veggies are tender.


Season with salt, pepper curry, parsley (if desired) or bouillon, and hot or Worcestershire sauce. Enjoy!