Fun and Healthy Businesses in Athens- THANK YOU!


As many of you know, we are gearing up for the Holiday Extravaganza! GAME ON!! Last week's post showcased how the competition works and some of the cool prizes everyone has the opportunity to win. Many of these prizes wouldn't be possible without the help from some amazing local businesses, so I'd like to take a moment and thank the community for all its support! Some people only know Athens because of the University of Georgia, but I've been blessed to discover great companies and people who make Athens a fun and healthy place to live.

Athens Running Company- A locally owned, non-franchised store that carries shoes, apparel, and accessories for runners of all sizes and speeds. They professionally fit runners for shoes using video gait analysis so everyone can find the best pair of shoes for their needs.

Big City Bread Cafe- A family owned and operated restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday-Saturday, as well as brunch on Sunday. Or swing by and pick up some of their freshly baked breads and pastries. Yum!

Canopy Studios- A flying aerial trapeze studio which offers camps and classes on the art of the trapeze, aerial yoga, and aerial fabrics. Instructors also offer private lessons for any level. Too scared to take to the skies? Canopy also has year end performances that are fun for all ages to watch.

Fire & Flavor- An Athens based store selling a variety of cooking products from cookbooks to turkey brine. Products can also be ordered from the website.

Glenn Alex Dentist- Dr. Glenn Alex and his caring staff provide great preventative, general, and cosmetic dental care. A healthy smile is an important part of a healthy body!

Journey Juice- A store offering a collection of all natural, local, cold pressed juices perfect for snacks, meals, or juice cleanses. Each bottle contains at least 2.5 pounds of raw vegetables & fruits, adding important vitamins and nutrients to daily diets.

Lululemon- Lululemon provides high quality yoga and running clothes for men and women. They also have accessories like bags, scarves, yoga mats, and water bottles.

SPARC Athens- A sports performance a rehabilitation center that provides training, massages, nutrition consulting, and performance evaluations. SPARC offers science backed, customized programs to maximize training and improve performance.

Spin Revolution- Spin Revolution offers cycling classes with unique combinations of music and choreography for fun workouts. Classes are scheduled at different times every day with different instructors, ensuring that you can find a class that fits your needs.

Two Story Coffee- A local coffee-house that offers more than just a delicious cup of coffee; Two Story also has art, music, and open mic nights.

YMCA- An extensive network of gyms, with one located in our very own Athens. The Athens YMCA has a great facility with state of the art fitness equipment, as well as amenities like a pool. Camps for children are also available, to make this a great, family friendly center.

If you would like to add in a prize for the gift baskets - it is not too late--please email me at

Also, it is not too late to join the challenge! Weigh-in's will be going on until Wednesday at 12pm! The Holiday Extravaganza is the best way to keep you accountable over the holiday season! 



Get Ready for the Holiday Extravaganza!


It's that time of the year again!

Time for the Holiday Extravaganza and time to weigh in BEFORE Thanksgiving! The  HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA is the best way to keep YOU accountable during the holiday season! If you would like to participate this year please email me at and we can find a time for you to come weigh in!   Please feel free to suggest the game to friends & family. The pot could be huge this year… but hopefully everyone will take their money back!


Start: week of November 17th    Finish: week of January 9th

To Play:

  1. Any person who wants to play puts $20 in the bucket
  2. WEIGH IN (Kept completely confidential)
  3. Do your best over the holidays (eat right, exercise, drink water,etc.)
  4. WEIGH IN the week of Jan 9th...

***If your weight stays the same -- you get your money back! SUCCESS!

***If you gain weight -- your money stays in the bucket.

If you are the biggest loser (I take the % of weight lost) you get to keep ALL the money in the bucket!!! OH YEAH!!! In previous years the winner received over $400 CASH- AFTER Christmas!!

cash-in hand

2nd place & 3rd place this year will win amazing gift baskets full of fun fitness prizes!



There will also be weekly challenges and prizes for winners!

The  HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA is the best way to keep YOU accountable over the holiday season!  Let’s DO IT!

 While you're in the studio to weigh in, I'd love for you to consider bringing in a few cans to donate to our first annual Canned Food Drive! The holiday season is a great time to count your blessings and take a moment to help others who may not be as fortunate. I am setting up two boxes in the studio for donations through the end of November for anyone who is interested. Cans are often on sale at grocery stores or you may even have a couple in the back of your pantry that could make a huge difference to a family in need. I'd love to have two FULL boxes by the end of the month to take to the local food pantry and to spread some holiday love.