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Transformation Tuesday- NEW Recipes You Need to Transform Your Nutrition!

Sweet friends,

Summer can be extremely busy with schedules changing every day! We all know how difficult it can be to prepare, in advance, healthy meals and snacks! Just like with everyday life, preparation is key! Planning ahead, even in the summertime, can help you reach your nutrition goals and help you achieve the body, mind, and spirit transformation you desire! Check out two of our new, favorite recipes! You are going to LOVE THEM! 

peach summer salad 1.jpg

Summer Peach Salad

Total Time- 20 mins

Fresh peaches make the perfect easy summer salad. Pecans and a light honey vinaigrette drizzled on top make this the most incredible salad.

Serves: 6


  • 5 ounces  Arugula or Mixed Greens
  • 1-2 Peaches, sliced thin
  • 1 Nectarine, sliced thin
  • 8 ounces Fresh Mozzarella
  • ½ cup Pecans, chopped in half

Honey Vinaigrette:

  • ⅓ cup Olive Oil
  • 3 Tablespoons White Wine Vinegar (or balsamic)
  • 2 Tablespoons Honey
  • ½  teaspoon Salt
  • Pepper to taste
peach summer salad 2.jpg


  1. Toast Pecans in oven 425 – 2-3 minutes
  2. In a small bowl, whisk olive oil, vinegar, honey, and salt to taste.
  3. On large platter or bowl, place greens, peaches, nectarine, fresh mozzarella, and pecans. Sprinkle sea salt over fresh mozzarella. Serve with honey vinaigrette. Enjoy! Add grilled chicken or salmon to make a complete meal.
classic gazpacho.jpeg

Classic Gazpacho

Loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers, shallots, tomatoes, olive oil and sherry vinegar a delicious chilled soup. Low-carb, gluten free, dairy free, and Paleo friendly!

Servings: 10 servings

Calories: est 200 


  • 3 1/2 pounds ripe tomatoes 
  • 2 red peppers, seeds, veins and stem removed
  • 2 large shallots, skin removed, minced
  • 2 large garlic cloves, minced
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 large English cucumber, skin and seeds removed
  • 3 jalapeños, seeds, veins and stem removed (1 for garnish to taste)
  • 1/4 cup sherry vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon Tabasco (and more to taste)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 2 avocados for garnish
  • 1/3 cup cilantro for garnish
  • 2 green onions for garnish


1. Wash, dry and remove the core of each tomato. Over a mesh colander with a large bowl underneath, use a spoon and scoop out the meat of the tomato, leaving the skin and flesh intact. Make sure all the juice, seeds and meat go into the colander. Set the hollowed out tomato aside.

2. Make sure the tomato seeds are removed from the meat, then put the tomato pieces into a food processor (or blender).

3. Using a spatula press, stir, and work to get all the juice through the colander, leaving the seeds behind. Discard the seeds and add the juice (should be about 11/2 cups) to the food processor or blender.

4. Add half of one chopped red pepper, half of one chopped shallot, 2 minced garlic cloves, and 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and tabasco to the food processor. Blend until completely smooth. Pour this liquid into a large bowl and set aside

5. Finely chop the rest of the shallots and red pepper, jalapeno, cucumber, and tomato skin with flesh. Add to the bowl of tomato liquid, then stir in sherry vinegar, salt, and pepper. Place in the fridge and let chill at least 2 hours (longer would be better) before eating.

6. Meanwhile, finely chop the jalapeno, green onions, and parsley for garnish and refrigerate until soup is ready to serve. Slice and dice the avocado for garnish right before serving.  ENJOY!


If you would like to set up a session with our Nutrition Consultant, Katie Woodall, or Registered Dietitian, Kaeti Shurling, to discuss your personal nutrition plan you can purchase a consultation or package on our website HERE or email us at for more information!  You can also find FREE meal plans on our website HERE

Try these recipes sometime this week! Remember to email us at the end of the week with your June Squat Challenge calendars! You could be entered to win a MONTH of FREE SESSIONS! We are so proud of you and the way you have committed to living transformed this summer! 

If you have any questions, please email us at 


Team TransFit  

Keep the Fire Burning-The 5 Day Food Journal Challenge is Almost Over! Finish STRONG!


It's Day 4 of the Food Journal Challenge! We've been so energized by the responses we have received thus far, and we are excited to see what the rest of June will have in store for us! We are stronger together ladies! Remember that it's never too late to start changing your life for the better- start the My Fitness Pal Food Journal Challenge today or and if you already started let's finish the week STRONG!

Two favorite truths to encourage you to give your best and never give up! 

James 1:2-4  “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

James 1:12  “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.”


Let's fill our mind with positive thoughts and inspiring goals and give our best for the remainder of June! Just because the food journal challenge will be over, doesn't mean you have to stop being accountable for your nutrition! Keep challenging yourself to journal your food daily!

We are so proud to have so many hardworking friends!

On Saturday, please email, text, or tell us that you completed the food journal challenge! You can email us at We will collect all the names of all our participants and then put all the names in a jar for a raffle for $100 credit towards sessions! We are so proud of each of you who have participated! Keep up the hard work! You are living transformed!

This week we are offering YOU a SPECIAL SUMMER deal on all inspirational merchandise!  Today through Thursday, June 21, you can use our code SIZZLE for 20% off all merchandise, in-store and on our Etsy pageYou can use this code at checkout to receive your discount! 

gold bracelets.jpg

If you need any help planning meals, remember that we have a week meal plan on our website FOR FREE! You can also email us to schedule an appointment to meet with our registered dietitian! Check out our website HERE for a nutrition package that fits your needs! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 


Team TransFit

Join Us For The Food Journal Challenge! One Week of Food Journaling Accountability To Transform You!


Sweet friends!

This week we want to challenge you to a week of accountability with your nutrition! We are challenging each of YOU to a 5-day Food Journal Challenge! Take this challenge with us and submit your journal at the end of the 5 days and be entered in to WIN $100 CREDIT toward sessions! Check out the details below!


What is the challenge?

Keep a food journal starting Monday and going through Friday, 5 DAYS! Download the MyFitnessPal app and log your food, outlining the details of your meals and snacks throughout the day.

cassiewrightphoto00077 copy.jpg

Why take the challenge?

Using a food journal is the number one way you can take control of your healthy lifestyle. Everyone struggles with what we put in our mouths and self-awareness helps us to realize what food and beverages we are actually fueling our body with daily. Journaling is an amazing tool for weight loss, assessing a food intolerance, or to treat a deficiency.  We have seen the MOST effective results with our nutrition clients who have kept a food journal and showed it to us weekly! The week of accountability is one important key to unlock your success in reaching your personal goals. You can live anywhere and take this challenge. If you have time to whine about your body, you have time to write down what you ate during the day. No excuses, friends, you CAN DO this challenge! You bite it, you write it!  We are here for you and will be your partner in this journey! Let’s do it – start today, be honest, and you will see results!


5 Helpful Tips to Get Started on the Food Journal Challenge!

  1. Download the MyFitnessPal app and create an account! You can also do a handwritten food journal if you don't care for the app.
  2. Commit to doing the food journal every day for 5 days.
  3. Write down 3 goals for the week right now, and tell someone else out loud your goals!
  4. Be honest! We are not judging you on what you eat- the challenge is for you to become a healthier person and by journaling, you will gain a greater awareness of what you are eating daily!
  5. Clean out the pantry and refrigerator.  Start the week off right; any food or beverages that are tempting to you- TOSS! You don’t need it and neither does your family! Start the week fresh with a clean refrigerator and pantry so that you can restock with fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. YES, YOU CAN! 

We believe in YOU! You CAN commit to 5 days of food journaling! We want to provide you accountability! Encourage one another to take the challenge and share your food journals with one another. Accountability is a key to your success! Let's do it, ladies! 

Reminder! We have a FREE meal plan and recipes on our website under the Healthy Living tab of the website! Also, if you're on vacation check out our workout videos on YOUTUBE

Email us at if you have any questions or would like to schedule a 1-1 with one of our Personal Trainers or Nutrition Consultants to help you reach your health goals! We are here to serve you! 


Team TransFit

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Holiday Extravaganza 2nd Place Winner- Jennifer Rickard

Happy Saturday! 

Wow, it has been an incredible week in the studio! We were so excited to announce our Holiday Extravaganza winners and we are still so proud of each of you for giving your best in the studio these past two weeks! Today, we want to share Jennifer's story with you! Jennifer Rickard won second place in our Holiday Extravaganza challenge and is truly living transformed! 

Jennifer Rickard 

I'm a home school mom of four and have a degree in Health Education & Promotion from the University of Georgia. I'm passionate about health... particularly gut health.  The bacteria in our guts play a critical role in digestion, metabolic health, immune system, mental health and weight management.  I'm also an independent ambassador with Plexus Worldwide:  a company that offers a holistic approach to health & wellness. 

That's also one of the many reasons I love TransFit.  I love its mission to combine body, mind and spirit into our overall wellness. It's unlike any fitness program I've ever known. My regret is not starting sooner. My beautiful cousin, Lisa, tried to tell me how much I would love TransFit, but I shrugged it off.  I was already a member of a local gym and group fitness was all the same, right?  Wrong! I finally agreed to try a free community workout session supporting Mercy Clinic.  So, on November 3rd I walked thru the TransFit doors for the very 1st time and was completely blown away!  I knew that this was exactly what I needed.  I had been going to gyms for my entire adult life, but I had never experienced such over-all "balance" (for lack of a better word).  I love the positivity and encouragement.  I love the change in mindset and goal setting.  I love the meal planning and the informative blogs.  But most importantly, I love the heart of TransFit.  Worshiping the Lord through exercise and meditating on His Word and His promises while working out... it's truly an amazing experience. 

Fast-forward a couple of weeks... When I learned about the Holiday Extravaganza challenge, I was all over it!  I had a very specific goal for myself and I knew that this challenge was going to help get me there. So, I weighed in, measured and took some embarrassing belly pictures. I downloaded the "My Fitness Pal" app on my phone and began food journaling.   I started meal planning and trying to more fruits and vegetables and high protein meals.  I got creative in the kitchen and learned how to substitute healthy options for some of my favorite guilty pleasures.  I committed to at least two strength-training classes each week at TransFit and 3-4 weekly cardio workouts.  I started drinking half my body weight in ounces of water and got laser-focused with taking my Plexus products. I think that the key to being successful is writing down your goals, being consistent and surrounding yourself with positive people who will encourage and inspire you to be the best version of you.  And even though the Holiday Extravaganza challenge is over, I know this is only the beginning for me!  Live Transformed! 

Jennifer, we are so proud of you! Ladies, we can do this! Let's make this our best year yet! Come join us this week sessions! Make sure to sign up for sessions in advance, so that we can prepare the workout for you and to ensure your spot in the session! You can still sign up your sweet girl (4th- 9th grade) in one of our TransFit Girl sessions on the TransFit App. Don't forget to purchase your January Jump Start package, it's not too late! 

Also, join us for fellowship, and food, and tips for your best year at The Root (under the Pine) this Wednesday 6 pm.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Team TransFit 

Incredible Client Spotlight: Lisa Shirreffs

Happy Thursday! September is flying by and each of you are working so hard to achieve your goals you set at the beginning of the month. Continue to give your best this month! We know you can do it. Today, we are excited to introduce you to our client spotlight, Lisa Shirreffs! Lisa is an inspirational mother, wife, and friend! We love how each time Lisa comes into TransFit she has this enthusiasm and spark in her eye! She always gives 100% and has seen such a transformation in loss of body fat over her time at TransFit! Lisa has been consistent with weight training weekly and is adding in exercise one travel vacations!  Keep giving your best Lisa and inspiring so many women that no matter your age - you can live transformed! 

                                                                       LISA & HER FAMILY   

                                                                       LISA & HER FAMILY


"In February, I began my workouts with Caroline after trying numerous other "work out" plans in town.  I've always been an active person but a life-long and regular work out warrior, not so much.  I did not do an organized "aerobics" class until well after college. I was in and out of work out programs while in Atlanta, DC and after I married and moved to Delaware.  I (and my husband) realized quickly that working out was a great physical release but also a HUGE mental equalizer. I have always struggled to make my workout a priority. I need an appointment time and personal accountability. Caroline's motivation and energy have helped me continue to stay on task. I love that I make an "appointment" and have it on my calendar. No excuses and I block out an hour for my personal physical and mental health.

I've reached a point in my life where my fitness is a priority. I work out at Transfit at least a couple of times a week and get regular cardio and stretching a few times a week. I'm on the road a lot in the fall to see my boys in college and try to get in workouts on the road. Walks, tennis, TransFit sessions and the past couple of weeks - great hikes have helped me keep on track. 

My diet is probably my biggest challenge. I love healthy food.... but there isn't much that I don't like. I've been lucky to be able eat pretty freely but as I get older and want to stay healthier, I recognize I have to be more cognizant of what I put in my body. As I began to work with Caroline and TransFit, I logged my food... for the first time ever.  I became much more aware of the nutrients that I need and the "other stuff" that I don't. Though I don't always eat what I should, I do have a much better understanding of what I am consuming and it's effect on my body, energy and well-being. 

After being diagnosed with osteopenia a couple of years ago and given the fact that my Mom and sister both have had osteoporosis, I am considered high risk and need to increase my bone and muscle mass. I also have had back issues for the past few years and Caroline is very careful to adjust exercises for my individual needs and check in with me to see how my back is feeling. 

I married into an extremely athletic family and have two sons (now 19 and 21) who I had to learn and continue to try to keep up with. I was really humbled this spring when they came home from college and noticed a difference in me. They were so excited that I had muscle definition, seemed to be in better shape and healthier that I had before. Thanks to Transfit, I'm probably in the best shape ever."

Way yo go Lisa! You are incredible! Let's all strive to make progress on day at a time! In order to finish September strong, we are encouraging you to join us for our TransFIVE challenge starting next Monday. The challenge is 5 days of completely restoring your body, and will revamp your health in a new way. This challenge can help you focus on removing sugar and toxins from your body. 

Let us know if you have any questions!


Team TransFit

Jumpstart Your June- Client Spotlight on University Cancer & Blood Center

Hey, friends! Hope you are enjoying this week of sunshine and warm temps! It’s definitely feeling like summertime!

We had an amazing first week of June at the studio! We started off summer at TransFit with a bang!! New KickBox and Flexibility and Core sessions began, along with new Transformer and regular small group training sessions. We are also providing 1-1 sessions for those who would like personal training or specific goals.

The TransFit team wants to challenge each of you to try something new this summer! Sign up for a variety of classes and change up your normal routine. If you’re home with the kids this summer, we have Transformer and TransFlex classes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m., as well as early morning times. Our goal is to help provide you more opportunities for time in the studio with us to help you reach your transformation goals! Log into our MindBody app and find a new class that fits your schedule! You’re guaranteed to work different muscle groups and meet new friends!

Today, we want to feature a group of clients who tried something new. We’re very proud of their commitment to whole body transformation at home and in their workplace, and we want to share with you their transformation stories!

Located here in Athens, University Cancer and Blood Center (UCBC) recently participated in TransFit’s corporate wellness program. More than 30 of their employees signed up for a 12-week journey to better health and nutrition!

TransFit’s Nutrition Consultant Katie Woodall visited the UCBC weekly highlighting a different nutrition topic at each session. Starting with the foundation of good nutrition, she also provided a plan for adding exercise to their everyday routine. The group covered topics like cleaning out the pantry/fridge, eating healthy on-the-go and at restaurants, meal prepping, the shopping pathway at the grocery store and much more.

Participants received weekly meal plans that also included grocery shopping lists and recipes, as well as, an exercise plan for each week. This group was always up for the challenge! We challenged them throughout the program to food journaling, eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking up to 100 ounces of water. Of course, prizes were involved for challenge winners and at the end of the program for individuals with the most progress!

But one of the keys to their transformation was accountability, and UCBC understood that for their employees’ success with the program! Participants weighed in each week to help them stay on track with their progress and toward reaching their goals. At the beginning and end of the program, we took body measurements, including body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI).

We want to highlight a few of their successes…


Lost 22.8 pounds, 4.2% body fat & reduced his BMI 3.1 points!


Lost 18.2 pounds, 13.5 inches, 3.6% body fat & reduced her BMI 2.9 points!


Lost 9.2 pounds, 8.75 inches, 2.7% body fat!


Lost 9.4 pounds, 15 inches, 3.6% body fat!


Lost 17.6 pounds, 18.5 inches, & reduced her BMI 2.9 points!

One of the clients, Pam, had incredible results that she wanted to share. 

"When our physicians presented the opportunity for our office staff to have nutritional counseling, I jumped at the chance to participate.  The idea of having someone provide a meal plan with recipes really appealed to me and I was tired of the excess weight that I had gained.

I am fortunate to have a husband that was willing to try the meal plan and have my food ready when I came home each day so that was helpful, but I did the prep work on Sunday and found that to be an exciting part of the week.  I found myself being more aware of the nutritional value of the items that I was purchasing and started buying a variety of vegetables and fruits.  I also found that I was sleeping better and had more energy since giving up processed items and diet drinks.  I enjoyed getting back to walking and having the energy to do my 3 miles several times a week.  My biggest accomplishment was finding that my lab work and blood pressure had returned to a normal result when I had my physical near the end of our 12 week plan.  This was so exciting to me since diabetes and heart disease are illnesses in my family history.  I felt like a winner!

I have continued to be aware of my dietary intake and still have a few pounds to lose before I look to maintaining my weight, but I feel that this goal is attainable.  I still enjoy my morning smoothies or yogurt parfait for breakfast and love my crockpot recipes for our supper.  I am so glad that I have all of my meal plans, recipes, and nutritional information that we received to use as my guide as I continue this pathway to healthy living.  I'm grateful to our physicians for getting this program in the work place and for my coworkers that provided encouraging words along the journey."

Many others were committed to the 12-week program! They attended weekly nutrition sessions and weigh-ins, food journaled and exercised regularly. Individuals with success toward their transformation goals were consistent with good nutrition and exercise and had amazing results!

We are proud of each of them for trying something new, whether it was exercising or incorporating nutritious foods into their everyday lifestyle. UCBC and their program’s participants recognized the value of whole body health and made a commitment to honor their bodies with better nutrition. TransFit helped by giving them a plan, extra motivation and encouragement, and most importantly accountability!

Do you own a business and want to learn more about TransFit’s corporate wellness programs? Email for more information. We would love to help your employees transform in reaching their whole body health goals!