Thanksgiving Day Inspiration! 🙏🏼

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Sweet friends, 

We are so grateful for you! This week has already been full of family and friends and it has been on our mind how thankful we are for our amazing clients, friends, and family. As Thursday approaches, let's stay focused on everything we are thankful for- especially the opportunity we have to live our healthiest life. Let's remember we can stay on track, even in the holiday season! Our Challenge this week for Holiday Extravaganza is to do cardio for 30 minutes each day! You can do it! 

During Thanksgiving, the main idea is to remember PORTION CONTROL. You do not have to avoid dessert completely, but focus on being mindful with your portionsModeration is the key! Maybe decide ahead of time which treat you want to have, and then decide which you could give up. For example- maybe skip the rolls and mashed potatoes, instead choose a sweet potato with honey and turkey, vegetables, and cranberry sauce, and then have a smaller piece or just a few bites of pumpkin pie. Toast some pecans for a healthier treat! Below are 3 Thanksgiving Tips to help you have a healthier and happier Thanksgiving Holiday! 

3 Holiday Tips:

  1. Make a list of why you started your fitness journey  and read it before going to your party or meal over the holidays! Keep your goals you set at the beginning of the month in mind! 
  2. It is okay to say "NO" to all the food pushers. You don't have to try everyone's famous recipe or try each of the foods that are sitting out. Check our healthy Thanksgiving recipes from our blog HERE
  3. Exercise over the holidays: Be ready to be flexible, your usually workout time may not work, so try to fit it somewhere else in your schedule. Join us at the Give Thanks 8K Thursday morning! 
Picture from  Fire and Flavor

Picture from Fire and Flavor

Take an afternoon walk before or after your meal, admiring the beauty outside and spending some time to be thankful for all He has blessed you with. Enjoy celebrating your health and spending time with those you love, and have an incredible start to this wonderful holiday season. Our Transfit Staff is grateful for you! 

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Team TransFit

Finish Last Five Days of June feeling your best!!!

Hello friends! 

We had such a great week in the studio! Thank you for working so hard and for being so determined to reach your goals! We realize the summer can be a hard time to stick to any routine, but let's focus on the goals we set at the beginning of the month and give our best these last 5 days to achieve success in the last week of June 

Today TransFit has updated and is re-releasing the TransFIVE ChallengeThis 5-Day challenge focuses on eliminating sugar from your body and reviving your body, mind and spirit! It includes a 5 day meal plan, recipes, tips, daily inspiration and more!  We have updated the e-book with a new summer meal plan and new recipes! This is a great time to challenge yourself, as we finish out this month! You can do it!

The TransFit community and anyone who wants to join us will start the TransFIVE Challenge this Monday! Join in the fun and download the TransFIVE e-book (FREE for TransFit clients), plus be added to the TransFit Facebook group to join other ladies in this journey! We are so excited to encourage and inspire each other as we do this challenge together! To download the free ebook, use the code CLIENT at checkout and you will get it for FREE

Spend time this weekend preparing for your upcoming week through nutrition and exercise. You can create a weekly calendar and can plan your meals and exercise, so that you are not in a scramble each day, wondering what to cook or when to fit in your exercise. Please try to book classes at least 24 hours in advance, so that we know you are coming and can specifically prepare the workout for you! You can see this upcoming week's studio schedule below! In addition to these sessions, we offer one-on-one personal training consultations and nutrition consultation by appointment. Email us at, if you are interested! Continue to purchase and sign up for classes on MindBody. You can access MindBody online HERE or on the free app HERE

There will also be the  Friday Running Group  session with Lisa at  6:00 AM ! It is FREE! We would love to see you Friday mornings! 

There will also be the Friday Running Group session with Lisa at 6:00 AM! It is FREE! We would love to see you Friday mornings! 

Let's finish this month strong! If there is anything we can do to help you, please email us! Enjoy this beautiful Friday and your weekend!


Team TransFit